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Fifth Grave Past the Light (Charley Davidson, #5)

Fifth Grave Past the Light (Charley Davidson, #5) - Darynda Jones While this series is one of my must read series, the latest installment fell short. Charley kept getting on my nerves because the humor felt forced. It was like Charley was trying too hard to be quirky and funny, but just fell flat.

I also felt no connection to Reyes. He was just there.

I didn't like the ending to the mystery at all. I felt like the book would have ended much better if the bad guy could be brought to justice, rather than just having him exist in a nursing home. Charley's abduction at the end by a character that briefly showed up in the beginning of the book felt like it was just thrown in there.

This book would have been 4 stars if it wasn't for the "Heil Hitler" salute. I thought that was in really bad taste.

I really expected more from this book. I wish it had lived up to my expectations.